that we have seen
in our travels

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                      Southern Utah                                                          Southern New Mexico

I worked in  Arizona and New Mexico for 35 years. Living near National
Forests and National Parks, you gain an appreciation of solitude and serene.
We have camped in places where we saw no other person or vehicle for
three days.

We have traveled and seen landscapes from Washington State to Georgia,
from Arizona to Pennsylvania.  All have had their special attributes.   I have
enhanced my understanding of our forefathers experiences in Crossing the
Appalachians, traveling the plains, farming   in the droughts, and surviving
the climatic extremes of Colorado and Arizona.   The Adamson's were
truly pioneers in every sense of the word.

                     South Carolina                                                                  Wyoming

                             Utah                                                                          Northern Arizona

             Grand Canyon, Arizona                                                   Grand Canyon, Arizona